Instagram Scheduler tools to Manage and Boost Engagement

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Today we will go through Instagram scheduler tools to manage and boost your Instagram, engagement.


1.    HootSuite

HootSuite is known to be the best social media marketing tool. They have many users since it is the best tool for scheduling Instagram posts. Not only Instagram, one can use this tool for Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms as well.

Hootsuite doesn’t directly publish your scheduled post on Instagram. You need to install Hootsuite mobile app that will notify you about the time of your scheduled post. You have to then go to Instagram and publish the post.

The free trial doesn’t allow to schedule many posts at once.

It has a user-friendly interface and shows analytics as well. If you have paid for the account, you can even schedule bulk posts for your Instagram campaign. It has a feature that suggests you the best time to post on Instagram that will help you plan better.

HootSuite has 30-day free trial and after that, you have to monthly pay. It allows three profiles for one user and in case you want to add more profiles, you can upgrade your account.


2.    Later

Later is a multi-stage application to enable you to distribute Instagram content as per a pre-made calendar.

As HootSuite, this application also notifies you when its time for your post to be published. The notification will redirect you to the Instagram app where you only have to click publish. allows you to schedule 30 posts in a free trial month.

Later is compatible for desktop, web and mobile phones and one can schedule posts for different social media platforms as well, for e.g. Facebook, twitter, etc. in one month trial period one can even use analytics, search and reports features that will help you to manage your Instagram campaign effectively. The greatest feature of Later is that you can publish posts from Dropbox and Google drive as well.


3.    Tailwind

Tailwind is no different from Hootsuite and Later. The only difference is that it has better analytics and scheduling features that emphasis on having your posts seen by your customers or followers. Just like Hootsuite and Later, you have to physically post from your telephone once you are notified of them.

Tailwind has some interesting features like drag and drop calendar and one can even schedule a post for Pinterest. Unfortunately, they do not have a mobile app yet.

They do not have a free trial version and their services start from Rs.600 per month for bloggers and small businesses.


4.    Buffer

Buffer has recently started scheduling services for Instagram. Again, Buffer also provides same services like Later, Hootsuite, and Tailwind. Many people use Buffer because of its user-friendly interface.

It allows to schedule 10 posts at a time for free trial version accounts.  More scheduling more post one has to upgrade the account.

What is unique on this server is that it shows comments and likes under each published post that makes it easier to track results.

They also provide with good analytics for Instagram.


These are some of the tools for scheduling post on Instagram.

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